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Change has come to the world of executive benefits. Significant new developments in tax law. Substantial reductions in investment product costs. A move toward transparency and increased regulatory compliance. At CapAcuity, we recognize these trends and their impact—and through our thought leadership and innovation, we bring a fresh perspective. The result can be improved financial results for plan sponsors, and enhanced retirement outcomes for plan participants.

CapAquity Perspective

A change in perspective changes everything


We assess every link in the executive benefit supply chain, and design innovative solutions to significantly lower costs and increase corporate earnings.


We implement plan enhancements, negotiate vendor and product pricing, and optimize funding and investment menus—all with objectivity and transparency.


We take proactive responsibility for the plan. We provide ongoing management of the plan’s investments, assets, and service providers. Our monitoring and reporting ensure that sponsors have complete plan metrics and comparative data to make informed decisions.

Experience Powers Our Perspective

CapAcuity brings together a team of forward-looking professionals with unique insight and decades of experience in consulting, investment advisory, and asset management. When it comes to optimizing results for plan sponsors and participants, our experienced team knows all the angles. We bring new perspectives to the trends impacting executive benefits, help sponsors fully understand their options, and initiate solutions that can have lasting impact on the bottom line.

Meet Our Executive Team

Peter S. Cahall

Peter S. Cahall

Chief Executive Officer†

Bryant Kirk

Bryant Kirk

Chief Operating Officer†

Mendel Melzer

Mendel Melzer

Chief Investment Officer†‡

Tom Cook

Senior Consultant


Rob Little, CFA, CPA

Vice President, Director of Investment Research‡

Pete Neuwirth

Pete Neuwirth

Senior Consulting Actuary

Eddie Selover

Eddie Selover

Vice President, Communications


Chief Technology Officer


Managing Director

Optimizing Results With Any Funding Strategy

CapAcuity designs and implements enhancements which can materially lower costs and increase corporate earnings—no matter the funding strategy. Case studies are available on request.

Press Release — CapAcuity Launches [Sept. 2018]