LAKE MARY, FLORIDA (SEPT. 5, 2018) — Founded earlier this year by retirement services entrepreneur Peter S. Cahall and staffed by a team of industry experts, CapAcuity is poised to become a formidable competitor in the non-qualified benefit marketplace by responding proactively to recent disruptive trends in executive benefits.

“Over the past several years, the landscape has changed significantly in the non-qualified space,” Cahall noted. “Recent corporate tax legislation has impacted the effectiveness of many popular funding vehicles. We’ve seen dramatic reductions in investment product costs. And there is a strong move toward heightened transparency and competitiveness in vendor pricing.”

In helping sponsors navigate these changes, the company has already found notable success, Cahall said. “We are seeing considerable interest in the marketplace, with a growing client base and assets under management. We’re succeeding because we have recognized the macro trends affecting these programs, because of the level of experience and expertise we bring, and our ability to drive substantive change on behalf of plan sponsors.”

Every executive benefit plan has what Cahall has called a “supply chain,” comprised of plan administrators, brokers, trust and custody providers, mutual fund families, investment consultants, and insurance companies. “Because of our experience, we are able to take an in-depth view of each of these links in the supply chain, and based on each client’s objectives we implement enhancements that can materially lower costs and increase corporate earnings.”

“Because plan sponsors typically don’t have access to data regarding competitive provider costs, we have built a database that ensures the vendors providing these services are competitive in their pricing,” Cahall said. “We have also built proprietary financial models to analyze and optimize the ‘cost/benefit’ of any funding or hedging strategy that clients may use.

“We not only optimize the funding, and negotiate product and vendor pricing,” he noted. “We provide ongoing fiduciary oversight of the plan and its supply chain.”

CapAcuity Chief Operating Officer Bryant Kirk added: “At CapAcuity, Peter has assembled an impressive group of thought leaders. Our staff is comprised of some of the best minds in the industry, including Chief Investment Officer Mendel Melzer, Senior Consulting Actuary Pete Neuwirth, Managing Director David Marshall, and other experts. Our team not only has years of experience in executive benefits, but they bring a forward-looking approach that’s particularly relevant to today’s environment.”

“By showing sponsors how all the components of their executive benefit plans work, we’re in a unique position to help companies take advantage of the new landscape,” Kirk said. “This can translate to substantially improved financial results for plan sponsors, and enhanced retirement outcomes for plan participants.”

About CapAcuity

CapAcuity stands apart from other companies in the executive benefits marketplace. With our team of experts, we bring a new perspective to the Executive Benefit Supply ChainTM. We ensure plan sponsors are taking full advantage of the latest tax, regulatory, investment, and pricing developments. We design and implement enhancements in investments, optimize funding, and negotiate vendor and product pricing. And we provide proactive management and oversight of these benefit plans going forward. The results can substantially improve financial results for plan sponsors, and enhance retirement outcomes for plan participants.


Eddie Selover
Vice President, Communications

Press Release – CapAcuity Launches – September 2018