CapAcuity, the executive benefits consulting and asset management firm, announced today that during the past year, it experienced substantial business expansion and added significantly to its online presence and market reach.

“Our results were strong again this past year,” said Chief Executive Officer Peter Cahall. “We increased our number of executive benefit plan clients, expanded relationships with advisory firms, and continued to add to our professional staff.” Cahall noted that at year-end, the firm’s client assets under management and administration had reached more than $5.5 billion.

Chief Operating Officer Bryant Kirk added that due to thoughtful planning and preparation, CapAcuity’s business was largely unaffected by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. “During the first and second quarters of 2020, we transitioned employees at our Florida, Massachusetts, and New York offices to working remotely for several months,” he said. Employees were allowed to return to the company’s offices only after health and safety protocols were put in place, including a daily health screener.

“Our team adjusted quickly thanks to our outstanding in-house IT and office management team,” Kirk said. “They ensured we could securely and seamlessly migrate to a remote work environment.” In addition to deploying its robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan, Kirk noted that “CapAcuity has made significant investments in innovative technology to support the cutting-edge capabilities we have introduced to non-qualified plan asset management.”

Also of note this past year, CapAcuity continued to bolster its online presence and market reach via the expansion of its corporate website The site has been enhanced with new sections, pages and posts, and more information and education targeted to employers who sponsor executive benefit plans. “We also scaled up our Careers and Contact sections, because we anticipate further increases in staffing, advisor partnerships, and new business,” Kirk noted.

“In an environment with many challenges, both personal and professional, our people rose to the occasion,” Cahall said. “I’m proud to say they responded with teamwork, collaboration and creativity. As a result, our business and client relationships are stronger than ever.”