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Vendor Benchmarking

Our team brings extensive practical experience and knowledge of all the service providers within the executive benefit supply chain: recordkeepers and administrators, trustees and custodians, brokers, fund companies, and insurance carriers.

We believe that many of these providers have not responded to critical trends impacting plan sponsors and participants. These trends include:

  • reduced corporate tax rates
  • significant reductions in investment expenses
  • increasing price competition among vendors
  • increasing demand for service providers to transparently disclose pricing



Many executive benefit plan services are “bundled” with a single service provider, whose pricing may not be fully transparent. This makes it difficult to accurately compare service levels and costs.

By “unbundling” the plan, we are able to evaluate each service component individually. CapAcuity has developed a proprietary database of service offerings and pricing, with comprehensive data historically unavailable to plan sponsors. By using this data, we are able to conduct negotiations which are highly effective at improving service levels and reducing plan expenses.

We believe there are untapped opportunities that may improve results for your company and your plan participants. Find out more about our forward-looking approach to managing your executive benefit plan.

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