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Supply Chain Management

CapAcuity analyzes each link in the executive benefit plan “supply chain,” including recordkeepers and administrators, trustees and custodians, brokers, fund companies, and insurance carriers.

Key components of our supply chain analysis include:

  • service provider quality, scope of services, and cost
  • evaluation and cost/benefit of existing funding and hedging strategies versus alternatives
  • tax efficiency of plan funding

Each service provider is evaluated on a stand-alone basis. As a result of this “un-bundling,” we typically find duplication or overlapping services, excess and unnecessary fees, and outdated and inefficient funding strategies.



Our evaluation results in a comprehensive report that:

  • clearly defines the business case and “cost/benefit” for each of the recommended opportunities for supply chain optimization
  • prioritizes the action items required to achieve the desired results
  • constructs a comprehensive project management plan—which minimizes the amount of disruption experienced by plan sponsors and plan participants during an implementation process



We proactively implement recommendations with the sponsor’s providers. Our services include:

  • drafting new or revised service agreements to define the desired scope of services, service levels (SLAs), and accountability
  • negotiating pricing and contracts
  • providing ongoing oversight of the supply chain, to ensure conformity to agreed-upon service levels and contracts, and resolve service or administration issues

We believe there are untapped opportunities that may improve results for your company and your plan participants. Find out more about our forward-looking approach to managing your executive benefit plan.

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