CapAcuity, the executive benefits consulting and asset management firm, announced today that over the previous year it significantly increased staff, added locations and market reach, and dramatically expanded relationships with advisory firms—and that the firm’s client assets under management and administration have reached over $5 billion.

According to the company’s leadership, the reason for CapAcuity’s dramatic growth is that it has identified and met critical market needs. “We’ve seen numerous important market trends in the business and tax environment which impact executive benefit plans and the companies sponsoring them,” said Chief Executive Officer Peter Cahall. “CapAcuity’s mission is to assist plan sponsors to address these new market realities.”

CapAcuity’s team of experts has extensive experience in all forms of executive retirement and benefit programs. Cahall noted that this team grew substantially last year, including managing directors as well as consultants, financial analysts, and client service professionals. The firm’s locations expanded as well, with offices in Albany NY and Boston MA added to CapAcuity’s Orlando FL headquarters.

“We have experienced rapid growth because we’ve brought innovation and thought leadership into the marketplace,” added Chief Operating Officer Bryant Kirk. “Our proprietary technology and financial management systems enable us to help plan sponsors minimize the adverse effects of market volatility and improve their financial results.”

“Where we’ve been particularly innovative,” Kirk continued, “is taking a fresh look at how these plans can be structured in order to take advantage of recent changes in legislation and the financial markets. CapAcuity draws on the entire universe of strategies that can be used to fund and hedge executive benefit plans, to tailor solutions to each plan sponsor’s unique circumstances and needs.”

“People, technology, and innovation are key factors that have quickly made us an industry leader in executive benefits,” Cahall said. “Each of these contributed to our outstanding results last year, and we have even higher expectations as we continue to drive change in the executive benefits marketplace.”